Bioclimatic mountain house

Nax, Switzerland

Timber & concrete

The composition of the exterior space is a contemporary reinterpretation of the facades of traditional village houses. The wooden living space rests on a concrete base anchored in the ground. The kitchen, the “fire” is protected in the masonry like in olden times. The use of wood and concrete allows for the creation of diverse and warm ambiances inside.

The make-up of the terrain has been modified in order for the space to integrate itself as best as possible into the curve of the hill, such as a prow. The orientation in the axe of the valley opens an advantageous view towards Loeche while the sun’s rays penetrate the house from sunrise till sunset.

project details

Location: Nax, Suisse
Year: 2013
Program: mountain chalet
Services: Architectural Design, Construction management
Energy concept : SD Engeneers,  Sion
Size: 178 m2
Minergie Label VS-1357