Eco friendly semi-detached houses

Crans-Montana, Switzerland

A passageway and the sun

The project aims at integrating the houses into their environment of surrounding chalets but also at making some spaces more contemporary and at having façades of different depths. The south-facing facade deals with the issue of passageways in old village houses in a contemporary way. The living areas are located upstairs and enjoy a privileged location as real balconies facing towards the landscape and the Rhône Valley. While having identical exterior appearances, every house has been adapted on the inside according to the specific needs and desires of the families.

The orientation of the building, the glass bay windows and the eaves allow for a calculated management of the sunlight; these architectural measures guarantee optimal interior comfort. Whenever the sun shines in winter, no other means of heating is necessary. In summer, the eaves fully protect the glazing. The free thermal energy from the floor completes the system the rest of the time (geothermal energy).

Minergie VS-078-P et 081-P labels

project details

Location: Crans-Montana, Switzerland
Year: 2014
Program: 2 semi-detached houses
Services: Architectural Design, Construction management
Engineers : SD Engineers, Sion
Size: 370sqm