Eco-friendly House with a pool

Chamoson, Switzerland

A ship on the Vines

Very visible, since it is located at the edge of the village, the space of the house wishes to enter into dialogue with the rocky cirque in the background. The volume of airspace takes center stage and is distinguishable from the rest of the house because of its stall and light colour. The openings have all been gathered towards the north and south, in strips, in order to create a pure and simple space. The living space on the ground floor “disappears” under the space of the upstairs and is in continuity with the lawn and terrace.

The large bay windows in the south capture free passive solar energy and works like a greenhouse. The thermal inertia of the interior concrete walls store this heat for nighttime which results in natural well-being. Blinds regulate excess heat. Free thermal energy from the ground completes the system the rest of the time (geothermal energy). Particular attention has been paid to the use of non-toxic and non-polluting material.

project details

Location : Chamoson, Suisse
Year: 2015
program: maison individuelle
Author: Vincent Pittier
Engineer : KBM Engineers, Sion
Size : 260 m2
Label Minergie VS-089-P