Transformation of a traditional grain store

Daillon, Switzerland

a small Eco House

The goal of the project is to demonstrate that it is possible to live and work in a highly reduced space and, in turn, to consume less. Given the size of the object, every centimeter of interior space has been analysed and optimized. The goal of the project is to bring awareness to the preservation of the heritage of rural buildings by demonstrating the possibilities for transformation. Despite the poor initial state of the base, the exterior appearance has been kept as intact as possible.

Bioclimatism, or to take best advantage of the environment, of floor heating (Canadian heat exchanger/well) and of the sun (active and passive solar energy). Passive solar gain via the glass surfaces, meticulously measured, allows to achieve a certain energy autonomy. The transformation uses technology and material which are low-polluting and non-toxic. The energy consumption is minimal.

projet details

Location: Daillon, Switzerland
Year: 2015
Program: Transformation of a grain store
Services: Architectural Design, Construction management
Author: Vincent Pittier
Energy concept : SD Engineers, Sion & Tor Lundström, Nax
Size: 92 sqm

1st “Minergie-P-ECO” grain store in Valais
“Minergie VS-005-P-ECO” label